What is Coffice?

Coffice is a shared office space located in Skopje's city centre. It is the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs who seek community-style office space. Coffice is a coworking space that offers space for flexible, mobile lifestyle. It's a space where you can meet like-minded individuals, freelancers and potential collaborators. The creative space has two floors. The ground floor is a private office and the second floor is an open space with 12 desks for freelancers, mini kitchen area and one conference room.

Coffice stories


A private 30m2 fully equiped office suitable for a team of 7 people. In addition to desks and chairs the price also includes coffee, tea, use of printer and sanner, use of conference room and all utility bills like electricity bills and optic internet.


Trying to find the perfect co-working space for yourself or your company? Join our community which will inspire and motivate you, a community that offers collaboration with outsourcing companies, connecting freelancers with potential clients.

For questions use coffiicee@gmail.com or the contact form below or call us at +38970307151.

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